Sure, there are a lot of bad roads in our area - pot holes, awkward merges, inappropriate speed limits, etc. But what about roads that you dread driving? Those stretches of streets that never fail to irritate you?

For me it's Jack Martin Blvd in Brick.

It's almost a perfect storm of bad design, bad drivers, and being heavily traveled.

First, if you're turning off of Route 70 onto Jack Martin, you have the issue of drivers going the other way who want to be in the left turn lane. Without exaggeration, every single day I see impatient cars crossing the double yellow line to get around backing up traffic.

Today I was almost run off the road by a box truck doing just that.

Then, you have the heavy traffic going to and from the hospital. With cars passing on the shoulder and others who decide to pass at the last minute, it's a rear-ending just waiting to happen.

Finally, there are the people who don't know where they're going. With two entrances to the hospital, plus a number of other healthcare offices on that one stretch of road, I regularly get stuck behind a car doing 20 miles per hour, putting on their blinker, slowing down, turning off their blinker, going to the next driveway, doing the same thing, and on and on for almost the whole stretch of road.

It's a collection of bad design and bad driving that will send any local who just wants to get from one end to the other into a heart pounding panic attack.

What Ocean County road gets on your nerves more than any other? Comment below and let us know!

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