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Which Ocean County Traffic Lights Are The Worst?
When you live in Ocean County, traffic is a common topic. We have our annoying traffic patterns, our bad intersections, and just plain irritating roads. But we also have plenty of roads where the traffic lights are the cause of consternation.
Downtown Toms River Thriving
Have you been to Downtown Toms River lately? The addition of new restaurants and businesses is attracting lots of foot traffic, according to Bill Golkiewicz, Executive Director of the Downtown Toms River Business Improvement District (BID).
Glimmer Glass Bridge Update
A construction schedule is expected this week for temporary repairs to the historic Glimmer Glass Bridge connecting Brielle and Manasquan, closed since being severely damaged by and overweight truck in August.
What's The Worst Intersection in Ocean County?
We all have those intersections - those that we dread coming to because it's almost always a hassle. Whether it's the traffic pattern, the timing of the light, or the condition of the road, there are plenty of candidates for Worst Intersection in Ocean County.