Dunkin Donuts this month has 2 great specials running and this month especially..I couldn't be happier!

They're celebrating the oreo...They have the NEW Oreo Coolatta..which is so good with pieces of oreo everytime you swallow.  I love it.  It's very nice and cool on these hot Jersey days.

And they have the fantastic, delicious and incredible (to me) Oreo Donut.  It's vanilla icing on top of a donut with an oreo cookie crumbled on top.  There are big crumples of the oreo cookie and everytime you bite into the donut, you'll tase the oreo cookie.  Inside the donut is a white frosting filling that is so good.  You'll taste buds will be jumping..

Which do you prefer....OREO Donut or the OREO Coolatta Vanilla Bean (cold drink)

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