When it comes to donuts I think we have some fabulous locations right here in Ocean, Burlington, and Monmouth Counties. We always have great choices when it comes to grabbing a dozen donuts.

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Personally, I love a few different varieties. I enjoy the "old-fashioned" just because it's simple and goes great with coffee. I also love the "boston cream" one of my favorites. I have to put a good jelly on the list also and the vanilla cream...wait I think I like A LOT of donuts lol

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Now that I have given some of my personal thoughts on the topic of "donuts" let's move on to the topic of this article. Food & Wine has come out with their list of the BEST donut shops in each state in America and we have New Jersey's winner!

According to Food & Wine, who gave their BEST pick for each state in the nation, the choice here in New Jersey is a donut shop named "Glaze". Yes, this donut shop operates three locations...in New Milford (Bergen County, West Caldwell (Essex County), and Fort Lee (Bergen County).

Glaze Donuts was named by Food & Wine as the BEST in New Jersey and on their list for BEST in America. Food & Wine says they are known for their "rainbow" donuts, much like the Italian "tricolor" cookies, this donut is unique to Jersey and the donut world. They added "We're talking thousands sold, every day they're available (weekends only). Slice through the generous chocolate coating, and there it is—all three layers, the jam, just beautiful."

So next time you are in North Jersey, check out Glaze Donuts and see if the "rainbow" is worth the drive :)


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