Where is the "MOST" peaceful place you've ever visited ?

The annual United States Peace Index finds the country is more peaceful overall than at any time in the past 20 years, with Maine finishing first as the "most peaceful" state and Louisiana placing last for the 11th year in a row. In rankings by metropolitan area, the 2012 survey found Cambridge-Newton-Framingham in Massachusetts as the most peaceful and Detroit-Livionia-Dearborn in Michigan least peaceful.....

I'd have to say one of the most peaceful areas I've ever traveled to is Assateague Island, Virginia ..... Home of the Wild Horses! What a quiet, peaceful town , park and beach.

Here at the Jersey Shore of love the "Back-Bay" areas of where I live in the Tuckerton-Little Egg Harbor area, a trip down seven-bridges road will show you a good example of that! Also a walk along the jetty at Barnegat Lighthouse or a night of camping at Bass River State Park...total relaxation !


Where is the MOST PEACEFUL here at the Jersey Shore  ?



Most Peaceful States Least Peaceful States
1. Maine 6. North Dakota 50. Louisiana 45. Missouri
2. Vermont 7. Washington 49. Tennessee 44. Texas
3. New Hampshire 8. Hawai 48. Nevada 43. Arkansas
4. Minnesota 9. Rhode Island 47. Florida 42. South Carolina
5. Utah 10. Iowa 46. Arizona 41. Mississippi