It's the day after the Screen Actors Guild Awards and I'm thrilled to see Bryce Dallas Howard in the headlines.  Not because she was a nominee, but because she rocked an inexpensive dress that us "regular people" can afford.  Howard has been showing up on red carpets wearing gorgeous "off the rack" fashions.

Bargains can be beautiful.  In fact, I get a bit of a rush when I score a great deal at a thrift store or yard sale.  Even stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx can offer fabulous off-price finds.

Do you remember Filene's Basement? That's where I got my first real discounted treasure:  a $350 designer suit for only $20.  It was brand new with the tags still on it.  I felt great wearing it and was proud to tell everyone what a deal it was.  Since then, I've been making regular stops at Ocean County's thrift stores.  I even like to go "thrifting" when I travel!

Do you enjoy the search for great clothing deals?  What are your favorite discount, thrift or consignment stores at the Jersey Shore?

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