It’s Cyber Monday and people all over the Jersey Shore are clicking onto great deals today.  Who doesn’t like to save money while shopping for holiday gifts?  I’ve noticed plenty of attractive offers since Thanksgiving, actually, so I’ve already rung up some online purchases.  My sister sent me a link to a site called eBags which I had never been on before.  It was nice to discover a good gift item, with free shipping and free returns.  (While I was there I also ordered something for me.  I guess that’s the downside of clicking to buy.  It seems easier to impulse buy in the comfort of home on a laptop.)

Anyway, my new discovery got me wondering what other sites are good ones.  We can all help each other by sharing comments about sites we like.  What’s your favorite online retailer?

I’m a fan of Land’s End for their customer service.  Zappo’s is another great e-retailer and now has clothing, bags, and accessories in addition to their huge inventory of shoes.

Will you be spending time shopping online today?  If so, what are some of the best sites to visit?

If not, where in Ocean County will you be doing most of your shopping?

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