The plan was to get a lot of household chores done yesterday.  But the weather was so beautiful, I decided the chores could wait another day or two.  I needed to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

The way that I chose to do it was by driving around Ocean County and going to yard sales.  I walked away empty handed from a few of the homes i visited, but that's because I'm being more mindful about what I bring into the house these days.  Remember I've recently done a lot of de-cluttering, so I don't want to undo the progress I've made.

But I picked up a few goodies along the way.  3 CDs, 4 rolls of wrapping paper and 4 jute placemats came to a whopping $5 total.  What I enjoyed even more than the bargain-hunting was the friendly chatter I had with neighbors I knew, and neighbors who were strangers.  There's something about a yard sale that gets people talking.  Sure it was "small talk" about the weather, but some conversations were about the neighorhood, the homeowner's travels, and a local restaurant review.  It helped me feel reconnected to the community.  And it was a good bit of "me time" that I enjoyed.

Do you enjoy going to yard sales in Ocean County?  Do you know of any upcoming sales at local schools, churches, etc.?  Please share in the Comments section.