Remember that panel discussion I talked about last week?  I watched professional women share their success stories including tips for finding work/life balance.  One panelist said she recommends "wearing a uniform."  She pointed out how the traditional working man's uniform is a business suit, so the man just has to decide what color shirt and tie to wear and he's all set.  Women, however, are faced with so many choices when it comes to fashion.  Her point is that if we simplify the getting dressed process we'll have more time and energy to focus on more important things.

So let's talk about your favorite look.  I mean if I had to wear the same basic elements each day, it would probably be a belted cardigan sweater over skinny jeans and a pair of boots. I'd call that my uniform look.  What would yours be?

Now, what about those of you who actually have to wear a uniform at work?  Do you like the ease of it?  Or do you wish you had a say in what you wear?   Do you get bored or are you grateful you get to save time and money by not having to worry about fashion?


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