If you had to think of a type of clothing that can be worn throughout one's lifetime, do you think jeans fit the bill?  I do.  We start wearing them as kids.  Then we wore them on dates and to parties.  Now we put them on when we come home from work and change out of our business attire.  And in retirement, jeans seem like the perfect thing to wear every single day.

So I just couldn't comprehend the headline about how people shouldn't wear jeans past the age of 53.  Did you see that?  The British study pointed towards the fact that women find it very stressful trying to find jeans that fit.  It mentioned how the ordeal actually makes some people cry.

I say we should find clothing that we like and keep wearing what makes us feel good.  That means when I turn 53 and for every birthday after that, you're likely to find me in jeans.  So take THAT, you silly British study!

Do you think there should be an age limit to wearing denim?

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