As autumn prepares to descend on Ocean County and Halloween displays stretch across the land (which, in some cases have been up since the middle of the summer), my neighborhood has had something else stretched across it - spider webs. Real ones.

While I very much appreciate living in a neighborhood that is dotted with ponds, streams, and large groves of trees and foliage, along with flora comes the fauna.

In the last two weeks or so in particular, it seems like every spider that has ever lived in Ocean County has decided to construct a home in my neighborhood.

During the day, at least you can see them (for the most part). But at night, you're taking your life into your own hands.

On at least three occasions in the past two weeks, if one of my neighbors was looking out the window when I was walking my dog, they'd think I was doing some spastic dance to silent music as I walk directly through a spider web and proceed to wildly contort in an attempt to rid my face, neck, and head of sticky spider web debris (and probably the owner, too).

I get it, it's nature, they have to live somewhere, right?

But do they have to build their elaborate traps directly in the paths that I frequent?


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