As the summer months gradually come to a close, a lot of us are still in search of enjoyable and budget-friendly family activities or excursions. 

Well, here in New Jersey, we're fortunate to possess some of the finest camping destinations in the northeastern area. You don't have to take my word for it; the website Dyrt has compiled a list of the best sites, and we've secured a spot on that list. 

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And if squeezing in a visit during the summer isn't feasible, these campsites also offer fantastic options for fall getaways, complete with breathtaking autumn colors, perfect opportunities for photography, and the classic enjoyment of campfire s'mores.

Before we go into the New Jersey site, let's check out a few other well-known camping sites in our area that have earned a spot on Dyrt's list.
Keuka Lake State Park --

The first one is Keuka Lake State Park in the Finger Lakes region of New York, which secured the impressive second spot on Dyrt's list. 

Keuka Lake State Park offers diverse outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, boating, and especially fishing. It's renowned as a top fishing spot in upstate New York.


Another notable camping site, HTR Niagara Campground, resides right by the famous Niagra Falls, claiming the well-deserved third place.


Additionally, Buttonwood Campground iin Mifflintown, Pennsylvania stands out as another gem in our vicinity. 

Nestled by the Juniata River amidst mountains, farmlands, and refreshing country air, Buttonwood Campground presents numerous chances for people of all ages to engage in a range of outdoor activities.

And here at home, in the Garden State, Brendan Byrne State Forest, located in Woodland, NJ, has been recognized as one of the premier camping destinations in the Northeast, coming in at number 8 on Dyrt's list of the 10 best places to camp.

Brendan Bryne State Forest -- NJDEP -

Dyrt highlights the Brendan Byrne State Forest, situated within New Jersey's unique Pine Barrens region. Characterized by sandy soils, clear waters, and diverse plants and wildlife, this area offers camping enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy a plethora of activities. These include exploring numerous hiking and biking trails as well as engaging in fishing and boating at the nearby lakes and streams.

Brendan Bryne State Forest -- NJDEP -

Along with the cool nature stuff, there are places to have picnics, towns to check out, and fun things like disc golf and guided nature walks. All of these things make camping at Brendan Byrne State Forest an amazing place.

Campers in The Dyrt's community also had positive feedback about Brendan Byrne State Forest. 

One camper mentions that they enjoyed the secluded and peaceful feeling of the campground being far away from everything. Another liked the well-marked trails, clean bathrooms, and a special program about beavers. 


Overall, Brendan Byrne State Forest, one of the best camping sites in the country, offers beautiful nature, outdoor activities, learning opportunities, and a peaceful atmosphere that campers genuinely appreciate.

To see the complete list visit the dyrt here: These are the 10 best places to camp in the Northeast (

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