What Room Do You Hate Going Into?
It's Friday the 13th and the season of being spooked so I started to think about scary things that surround us every day. I thought about the places I've lived in the past and realize there have been certain rooms that I would avoid. Like an unfinished basement with a rickety staircase. …
When Nature Is Clearly Out To Get You
As autumn prepares to descend on Ocean County and Halloween displays stretch across the land (which, in some cases have been up since the middle of the summer), my neighborhood has had something else stretched across it - spider webs. Real ones.
I Almost Got Killed On The Parkway Today
Saying, "I almost got killed" is a rather dramatic statement, and I acknowledge that fact. However, after being able to get past the adrenaline rush and panic, and really understanding what happened on my morning commute today, I think it's an appropriate sentiment.
Closure May Come To One Of The Creepiest Homes In New Jersey
Imagine that you just bought your dream home. And it didn't come cheap (it is New Jersey real estate, after all). You start doing renovations, you haven't even had the chance to move in yet, and you start to get letters from someone claiming that they're watching everything that happe…

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