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We are now in the heart of Holiday Season but when does the “shopping” season begin for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza etc ?

To be honest with you I think it’s a year round 24/7 project and that does not mean it has to be expensive. In fact some of my favorite gifts are ones that are handmade or relatively inexpensive.....as you get older you really begin to understand the phrase “it’s the thought that counts”. Gifts with imagination and that are of interest to the person your buying for are priceless .... even if they cost nothing.

Back to our main question.....when do you start your “Holiday Shopping” well for us we do it year round. You never know when you will find something and if it’s a perfect fit for that person, then it’s a sell. What’s also great about year round shopping is that after several “finds” they add up and when it’s Christmas you are like WOW look at all these cool things, so less running around and spending. I do realize kids don’t get the “thought” part of gifts so save the big purchases for Santa!

I had an Aunt & Uncle who always gave us summer clothes for Christmas so obviously they shopped out of season and I see NO problem with that, why not? Gave us something new for the upcoming season. I don’t think you have to give winter gifts at Christmas, nothing wrong if you do but not a problem if you don’t.

It’s Holiday Season and this has been a strenuous year, don’t stress about holiday shopping, they way I look at it .... “If you don’t like a gift a get you, don’t worry you won’t have that problem next year” if you didn’t figure that statement out, I won’t be gifting again with that person. Lol

Be creative, budget conscious and have fun gifting....that’s what it IS all about :)

FYI according to statista.com  most start shopping by end of October around Halloween.

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