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T-minus 3 weeks until Thanksgiving! Have you figured out your menu yet, or are you one of the many people Googling recipes to cook on the big day? Every year, many sites pull together Google trends to figure out what states are researching. I always look forward to seeing what New Jersey's results are. did some research on the Most Popular Thanksgiving Sides by state in America. Before we take a look at their results, I want to mention that the article is from 2020, but they are analyzing searches from 2019 - so there's a chance things may change for this year!

According to, New Jersey is googling recipes for stuffing! I wonder if this had anything to do with when I asked "bread stuffing or rice stuffing" and everyone responded that my family was the only one who makes rice stuffing. In case you're still looking for a stuffing recipe this year, you can try my family's here.

Are you wondering what side dishes other states are searching for? Zippia says that our neighbors in Pennsylvania and New York are also looking for stuffing recipes. The most unique searches that caught my eye were the hashbrown casserole that Alaskans are searching for, and that apparently Maine is Googling recipes for a side salad (I'll help you out, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, dressing, croutons).

What Thanksgiving side dish recipes are you Googling?

Diana Tyler
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