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More and more we are hearing from officials that we need to keep it to quiet and small gatherings for Thanksgiving. Will it be a quiet turkey day for you?

In a recent nj.com  article New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently again advised garden state residents to scale down their Thanksgiving dinner plans due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So what are you thinking as Thanksgiving approaches, will you keep it low-keyed and quiet this Thanksgiving during the Coronavirus Pandemic? Will you be alone for Thanksgiving? will you limit the amount of family that you see for the holiday? or will you have your usual Thanksgiving dinner?

Only 13 days until Thanksgiving and have you decided what you are going to do for the holiday? Are you hosting dinner and do you know how many you are inviting? or are you going to a dinner, question is do you know how many they have invited? or it's not a factor for you? So many questions now with Thanksgiving.

I believe this will be a decision that each family has to make and that it's their decision to make. I do not believe we are changing much from last year, it's all family and we know everyone is "covid" free so we don't see the need to change our plans. But like I said each household will have to make their OWN decision.

Will you cut back on Thanksgiving like Governor Murphy and others suggest?

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