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Well, the countdown is on for "TURKEY DAY" Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I hope that although this is a much different year, that you have plans to enjoy the day and the turkey and stuffing at home. Oh, don't forget the pumpkin pie as well.

So let me ask you, do you decorate for Thanksgiving? April always decorates for Thanksgiving right after Halloween and this year is no different. In fact, this year with all that is going on we need the décor to help keep our spirits up at home. I mentioned this week that we had several family members cancel for Thanksgiving because it is still very up in the air when it comes to traveling this year. So I think the Thanksgiving decorations are much needed to take our minds off this year and those we will be missing. The house looks cozy and has a real Thanksgiving feel.

Many of you may skip decorating for Thanksgiving and go from Halloween into Christmas, but for us, it's a tradition. Thanksgiving weekend the turkeys will disappear and Christmas décor will take over as we put up the tree and everything else for Santa's big arrival on December 25th.

So in case you do not decorate for Thanksgiving I thought I'd share our family "Thanksgiving" decorations for you to enjoy as we get set for Thanksgiving 2020. Take a look at the photos and take a house tour of our home for you this Thanksgiving and let's be THANKFUL for the blessings we have here at the Jersey Shore.

By the way...April is 100% responsible for all the Thanksgiving décor she loves decorating for the holidays :)

Thanksgiving Tour of the Michaels' Home

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