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Board games have been around for centuries and now during the COVID 19 Pandemic maybe you are playing at home while we all try to stay safe and are spending more time at hike.

April recently ordered “Mille Bornes” a game she remembered playing as a child, more of a card game then board game, but another retro game we remember as a child. My favorite is chess and I’ve enjoyed the game for many years. Chess is the best selling board game of all time according to Brandonthegamedev.

Some of my other favorites of all time include Monopoly, Risk and Backgammon. In college we had many a backgammon tournament, can’t confirm or deny that any classes were missed during a heated backgammon battle.

My chess board (pictured above) is a board my son Zach and I picked out at a gift shop on a beach in Mexico, it’s small but we liked it for that reason. Over the years we have put new Kings & Queens on the board, pieces from our family vacations. One king is a piece from Ireland and one is from Iceland. The Queen’s are a piece of coral we found snorkeling in Jamaica and an arrowhead from the Grand Canyon. Kinda fun when we play to remember those trips.

Speaking of card games, like Mille Bornes, I remember my Grandmother have Canasta nights and friends over to play, these women took their Canasta seriously and they would play for hours! I learned how to play, but haven’t in years and I don’t remember now at all, but it was a long game ..... that I remember.

Are you playing more games at home? What was your favorite games growing up?

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