We are in the midst of another "heat wave" here at the Jersey Shore and I decided to give some tips , some you probably already know .... but never bad to refresh your memory and be safe. As always during extreme summer heat be sure to check on the young and elderly.



  • Hydration-Hydration-Hydration! drink at least six to eight glasses of water per day; if your physician has made recommendations to you about hydration, be sure to follow through.
  • Wear light clothing, this can give more ventilation.
  • Keep body temp down. Go for a swim, cool shower or even a cool towel to the forehead to relieve body temps from rising.
  • Avoid alcohol, it just makes things worse in the heat.
  • Watch your physical activity and use common sense during extreme heat.
  • Stay in air conditioning, a trip to the mall/stores if you don't have proper a/c is a good idea. Take in some time relaxing at the mall/stores with their a/c .

Another thing to remember is dealing with "heatstroke" and jeancoutu.com shared some good info on this dangerous health issue.

  • Body temp rises over 103 degrees
  • Dry, warm and red, or cool and pale skin
  • Confusion and/or incoherent speech
  • Feeling lightheaded and/or dizzy
  • General malaise
  • Irrational behavior/Anger

If you feel you have a heat stroke situation contact medical authorities immediately!




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