I'll be honest it can get confusing when it comes to knowing the rules when it comes to garbage. You just can't throw anything into your garbage can and just let it get hauled off for disposal. Knowing what can and can't be thrown into your garbage can benefit everyone in the community. We are going to look at "garbage disposal rules" here in New Jersey and give you just 3 items you probably have around your home at one time or another, that cannot be thrown into the garbage. There are more but if we start on 3 that cannot it'll be easier to remember and easier to not throw away in the future.


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3 Things in New Jersey You Can't Throw In Garbage!

Computers: Yes you cannot toss those old PC's into your garbage can. Check with your town for how they handle computers, our town has drop off at the recycling center.

Televisions: When you buy that new TV you cannot toss the old TV into the garbage. The old TV is not going into the recycle can as well. Check with your town how they handle televisions. Once again our town has you drop them off at recycle center.

Yard Waste: I'll be honest I always thought some leaves, branches, and twigs in the garbage were not a problem, its natural and decompose, but I was wrong. You cannot put "yard waste" in your garbage. Towns have their own rules regarding "yard waste" Either they scoop your leaves by the roadway or you bag and they pick them up.


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