The Best Place To Live In New Jersey

(A Look At A National Survey Of The Best Places To Live In America, Including New Jersey.)

Everyone wants to find a great place to live, a place where your family can live a good quality life. A place where you like the schools, feel safe and can find good work. Sounds like something out of a book right? Well, Nostalgic Buzz has put together a list of the "best places to live" around the nation, the "best" of America. In these days and times, it seems harder and harder to find a town you love and have pride in, and in this article, Nostalgic Buzz has put together the Top 50 best towns to consider for your family to live and grow up.

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In an article by Arch Daily, In the book The Ideal City: Exploring Urban Futures "According to the book, an ideal city should be resourceful, accessible, shared, safe, and desirable." These are the 5 things we should look at when it comes to a place to live. Check out the article to get a better sense of the five qualities and how you can use them for thinking about a place to live with your family.

Nostalgic Buzz selected the town of Princeton as New Jersey's "best" place to live in the Garden State. Of course, the first thing people think of when they hear Princeton is the famous college Princeton University. It appears there is more to this Mercer County town than just the college. "Princeton looks like the type of place you'd see in some sort of fairy tale. This is a highly affluent community, where professionals of all fields end up residing with their families. Princeton unsurprisingly also has some of the best schools in all of New Jersey."

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