We are waking up this morning to the sights and sounds from last nights Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England however, instead of fun and laughter, it's cries and explosions. Authorities suspect it may have been a terrorist bombing, but as of writing this blog, no one has claimed responsibility. 22 people have been reportedly killed and around 60 injured.

One of the big problems at the concert bombing was the amount of kids who were at the show without their parents.  It makes you wonder, do we live in a time now where we can't let our children out of our sight, at any time? Parents are still looking for displaced kids today following last night's explosion and that must be absolutely horrible for parents, not to mention the kids who must be scared. I'm still debating the issue, although my kids are adults now. I let mine go to shows alone, although we were often waiting in a car outside the venue.

Our thoughts and prayers to all affected.

So the question today is ... will you let your kids go alone to upcoming concerts?

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