I Got Mom Shamed In Front Of My Daughter…Was I Wrong??? What Do YOU Think?
Have you ever felt like you were outside of your body when a jarring experience was happening to you? Almost like you were so taken off guard that you feel like it's happening to someone else entirely? That's how I felt this weekend when a total stranger shamed me right in front of my daughter. I was stunned but left wondering if the woman who shamed me had a point.
Will Your Kids Be Playing Sports in School This Fall ?
Will Your Kids Be Playing Sports in School This Fall ? If kids are in school this fall and if there are sports in school....will your kids be participating? We are asking Parents to see how they feel about the upcoming school year and whether sports will be a part of the child's education.
What You Need to Know About Child Care Reopening in NJ
What YOU Need to Know About "Child Care" Reopening Here in New Jersey ..... It can get very confusing when it comes to COVID 19 and "reopening" especially here in the Garden State. We are just about to start "phase two" and we may be getting more news today from Governor Murphy.

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