Upcoming Outdoor Concerts in Ocean County
Everyone is looking to get out of the house and enjoy a little of summer this year, but they want to do it safely. One way to accomplish this, is outdoor concerts here in Ocean County. Remember to practice social distance and just in case....bring your mask if crowds get a bit tight.
Why I Won't Shy Away From Concerts
after the massacre in Vegas, I had a few moments of feeling I'd never see a live show again because the risks, these days, felt too great. But I've had some time to think things through and decided I'm not going to let the criminals impact what I do or don't do. I'm making…
Will You Now Let Your Kids Go To Concerts Alone?
We are waking up this morning to the sights and sounds from last nights Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England however, instead of fun and laughter, it's cries and explosions. Authorities suspect it may have been a terrorist bombing, but as of writing this blog, no one has claimed respons…

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