Trader Joe's has become an increasingly popular grocery store over the years. Their unique items set them apart from other stores. 

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Who could forget the excitement for their Brick location when it opened back in October? Trader Joe's is continuing to expand in New Jersey - and the Courier Post is reporting that the store will open another location in Cherry Hill on July 30th. So, not in Ocean County, but not a long trip away if you wanted to get out of the house and explore a new store.

The article explains that the new Trader Joes will be located at the Towne Place at Garden State Park Shopping center, which is on Haddonfield Road and Garden Park Boulevard. I've been there before, and if you are planning on making a day out of it, there are a lot of other stores and restaurants to keep you busy around there when you're done at TJs. The Courier Post also notes that starting on July 31st, Trader Joe's is devoting the first hour of operation to seniors and customers with disabilities.

I took a look at the New Jersey locations on Trader Joe's website (it looks like the future Freehold location is not included yet). That, plus the Brick and Shrewsbury locations, would only equal 3 stores at the Jersey Shore. I think Trader Joe's should consider opening more stores at the Jersey Shore (particularly Ocean County). There always seems to be excitement for new locations, and I always see people commenting that they wish there was a store closer to them. Hopefully, this can happen in the future.

Back in November, Justin Louis shared how you can request a future Trader Joe's location. Click here to read more.

Where would you like to see a Trader Joe's built?

Diana Tyler
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