Here are some great safety tip reminders from the Ocean County Health Department, So you and your family can have a fun and safe summer here at the Jersey Shore ....


Safety Tips for A Fun Day at the Beach

  • Never swim alone and if possible use a “buddy” system to check on each other.
  • Swim near a lifeguard and always make sure you can see the lifeguard.  You can also check out the conditions of the water from the lifeguards.  Most drownings occur where no lifeguard is present.
  • Wear a Coast-Guard approved lifejacket and avoid cheap plastic rafts, especially if you are a weak swimmer. Be aware that currents and offshore wind may move floating objects quickly away from the beach.
  • Stay close to kids.  Don’t let children swim near permanent structures because there is a much higher chance of a rip current there.  Keep a close eye on kids as they tend to wander off by themselves at a crowded beach.   Point out the lifeguard stand to them in case they cannot find you.


Safety Tips for a Fun Day Poolside   

  • Teach children to get into the pool feet first unless they know for sure that is is more than 9 feet deep.  Only then is it safe to dive, and only when an adult is watching them.
  • Stop horseplay around the pool.  Don't let your kids run or ride bikes near the edge of the pool.
  • Don't let kids eat, drink or chew gum in the pool.  they might end up choking.
  • Teach children to never use a pool, hot tub or sp that's missing a drain cover.  They should let a prent or lifeguard know if a drain cover is broken, loose or missing, and avoid the water until the cover has been fixed.
  • Never swim alone and have parental supervision.


Here is a short video with tips on how to deal with rip currents this summer, as always swim near lifeguards and be aware of conditions. Your local lifeguards will be glad to let you know if rip currents are a hazard... so if in doubt check with the guards, they are there to keep you safe.


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