TOP 20 Safest Cities In New Jersey

According to a recent Patch article, SafeWise, a security product review platform, put together their list of the 20 safest towns. They used FBI crime statistics reports from around the State. It's the 10th annual Safest Cities report from SafeWise.

  1. Vernon Township (Sussex County)
  2. Bernards Township (Somerset County)
  3. Jefferson Township (Morris County)
  4. New Milford (Bergen County)
  5. Hillsborough Township (Somerset County)
  6. West Milford Township (Passaic County)
  7. Dumont (Bergen County)
  8. Denville Township (Morris County)
  9. Sparta Township (Sussex County)
  10. Jackson Township (Ocean County)
  11. Mount Olive Township (Morris Township)
  12. Hopatcong (Sussex County)
  13. Manchester Township (Ocean County)
  14. Warren Township (Somerset County)
  15. Hopewell Township (Mercer County)
  16. Barnegat Township (Ocean County)
  17. Westfield (Union County)
  18. Roxbury Township (Morris County)
  19. Princeton (Mercer County)
  20. Middlesex Borough (Middlesex County)

Morris County had the most towns in the TOP 20 Safest Towns list followed by Ocean County, Sussex County, and Somerset County.


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What makes you feel safe in your town? Do you feel safe in your town? What do you do at your home to make it safer for you and your family? Some things you can do at your home to make it safer include:




According to here are some ways to make your home safer

  • Keep an eye on your home (cameras)

  • Install a visual security alarm

  • Light up the front drive and garden

  • Safely store spare keys

  •  Increase gate and fence security

There are more suggestions (20) from so see how many you have incorporated into your home and property.




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