UPDATE: Are We Finally Getting A Cracker Barrel In Ocean County, NJ?

Wouldn't it be some great news this summer to hear that finally a Cracker Barrel is coming to Ocean County? We have waited long enough and it's a perfect spot for this family restaurant chain. Now before you dismiss it and say "They won't come to Ocean County" I say why not? Let's look at some numbers for Ocean County!


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Let's talk money, What is the median income in Ocean County New Jersey? According to Data USA"In 2021, the median household income of the 238k households in Ocean County, NJ grew to $76,644 from the previous year's value of $72,679." Cracker Barrel is a super affordable family restaurant and I think $76k households can afford a chicken fried steak with gravy and biscuits, don't you?




In addition, according to World Population Review, the current population of Ocean County is 655, 427 residents. That number is up 0.93% for 2023. So theoretically if you divided that number by 365 days in the year, on average that would be 1,795.69041 diners a day every day of the year. I think it's safe to say we have enough residents to validate a new Cracker Barrel here in Ocean County. I hate to use the comparison but Trader Joe's has been thriving in Brick Township, after many said they would never come to Ocean County.

So where in Ocean County? Here are the four towns up for discussion:

  • Brick Township
  • Stafford Township
  • Jackson Township
  • Toms River Township

Which one would you select? Post your comments and suggestions below and let's get Cracker Barrel into this discussion because we deserve a Cracker Barrel here in Ocean County, the time has come! #crackerbarreloceancountynewjersey 




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