When we are planning a road trip, especially when we have little ones, we check it out where we will spend the night and recharge before getting behind the wheel.

Maybe you would like a nice hotel right off the highway, that's what we go for or maybe you prefer an Airbnb. I know the feeling of getting so sleepy behind the wheel and definitely need to stop and get some sleep.

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You never know what could possibly happen on a road trip, plans could change. Maybe traffic, road construction, or vehicle trouble. If you're anything like me, you sometimes need to pull over for a quick nap. A safe place for the whole family and that got me thinking about stopping in New Jersey and taking a nap at one of our rest stops.

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Are there rules to sleeping at a rest stop in New Jersey? Is it illegal? I doubt it, it's called a "rest" stop. But, I thought I'd check it out.

Can I sleep at New Jersey rest stop? Is it illegal?

According to boondockersbible.com, it has all the rules for rest stops and your road trip information for every state in the US. The answer and I thought it would be is, Yes. It is legal to sleep at a rest stop in New Jersey.

How long can you stay at a New Jersey rest stop?

From boondockersbible.com, "There is no time limit across the board for New Jersey rest areas. However, there are some specific rest areas and scenic overlooks where overnight parking is prohibited. These rest areas will have a sign posted stating these limitations." Click here for the different roadways in New Jersey and rest stop rules.

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