Tips to Survive Our Latest Arctic Blast! [LIST]


Temperatures are about to plummet as the Jersey Shore gets set for it's latest battle with Ole' Man Winter!

Meteorologist Dan Zarrow says during the latest "blast" we will feel temperatures below zero with gusty winds throughout Ocean & Monmouth Counties over the next several days!

I decided to put together some common sense reminders that will help you get through the next few frigid days.....

  • Frozen Pipes: One of the most costly and destructive affects of cold weather is frozen and/or busted pipes! Leave your cabinets around faucets open to let warm room air in and let your faucets do a slow drip to keep them from having problems.
  • Auto Anti-Freeze: Check or have your mechanic check your vehicles anti-freeze to make sure levels are good.
  • Auto Tires: Check your vehicles tires and make sure the pressure is good, frigid cold can leave tires low in air and cause problems.
  • Pets: This is a very important reminder! No pets should be outside for extended periods in this weather! Bring your pets in and if they need to go outside make sure you keep an eye out and get them back in ASAP. This is NO weather for our animal friends. Clean salt off your pets paws also.
  • Kids: During these extreme cold temperatures keep kids inside and make sure they have things to do indoors and if they are a "bus" rider, it may be time for a drive to the bus stop so you can keep them in the heated vehicle til the bus arrives.
  • Storm Windows: If you have not already put your storm windows down, nopw is the time to do so to provide extra insulation from the strong winds and cold temps.
  • Batteries: In case we see any power outages make sure you have flashlights, batteries and charge your electronic devices. May be a good idea to have some extra blankets available too in case power and heat goes out!

Stay with WOBM as we will keep you up to date with the latest weather, traffic and storm watch during our "arctic" blast!



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