I am fascinated with time.  No not what time of the day it is and not the magazine but rather how time seems to be moving at such a rapid rate.  I’m sure much of it has to do with me getting older and desperately wanting to slow time down.  It is so much different for those who are younger as they always want time to go faster.

There is always something they are looking forward to and it seems so far away.  Becoming a teen-ager, sweet 16, getting your driver’s license, turning 21.  They are often so consumed with trying to get to the next milestone birthday they don’t even enjoy the time in between.

When you get older on the other hand there comes a time when everything heads in the other direction.  You want time to slow down but yet it seems to be going so fast.  Many know what I am talking about because they are experiencing the same thing with their lives.  Even during the darkness and cold of winter you find days and weeks are flying by and when it comes to summer…well Memorial Day to Labor Day go by in blink of an eye.

I really never thought about this until I was probably around 50 but it’s really hit me over the last five or so years.  Maybe around the time my son got married, which was five years ago last Friday it all started to impact me.  Then I became a grandfather a little less than four years ago and time since Carter was born has just flown by.  Maybe this is just me but I’m starting to think about how old I will be when he reaches milestone birthdays and yes wondering if I’ll be around to celebrate them with him.

However there is nothing I can do to slow it all down so at the end of the day I guess you just need to enjoy the time you have.

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