You Chose The Smelliest Towns In New Jersey👃

Let me first say this article stinks, literally. We had you select the places here in Jersey that stinks. Now I will admit I hate when comedians, the late-night hacks, make their "Jersey" jokes, but just like every place in the world, we have a few places that do stink. Every spot in the world has those places that are a little "ripe" Whether it's a natural or human-made cause, it just happens. For instance, it can be pungent when you go to some back bay areas along the Jersey Shore on a hot and muggy summer morning. It's like a big tuna boat ran aground on the beach lol. So let's take a look at what you had to say about those "smelly" spots here in the Garden State.


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Spots You Say "Stink" in Jersey


Jesse: "Depends on the day... sometimes Sayreville is smelling pretty ripe"

Lissa: "I used to say Kearny, but now I say Whitesville Road in TR! Omg!" (I asked why and the response was it comes from the Manchester Garbage Dump)". "ALLEGEDLY from the dump in Manchester. It’s so bad. Sometimes I think it is a natural gas leak. Other times it just smells like a straight sewer. It’s horrible."

Marie: "Well… I live in Lacey and own a Frenchie, so at times it could be a contender"

French Bulldog


Amanda: "Trenton! Those smells from Duck Island"

Deb: "Secaucus smells"

Carole: "Going over the turnpike bridge going into Bayonne"

Nancy: "Elizabeth"

Debra: "Edison in the Turnpike smells like rotten eggs!"

Pamela: "Parkway South Raritan Bay 1st toll booth after Driscoll Bridge"

Linda: "Eww, I dread driving past the refineries around Elizabeth when I’m on the turnpike"

Joseph: "Secaucus"

Tom: "Raritan!"

Greg: "East Newark. Exhaust"

Michele: "571 Manchester. Garbage dump smells like…..a garbage dump"

Jen: "Elizabeth - Smells like rotten eggs"


Where do you think is a place in New Jersey that is a bit "funky"? Share your comments and post them below.




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