In full disclosure as a college student back in the 70’s I was involved in a protest on campus.  Several of us at Ocean County College were upset that a male field hockey player at another school was allowed to play on the women’s team mainly because there was no team for male student-athletes.

So in pursuit of equality about a half-dozen of us showed up at try-outs for the women’s volleyball team.  I’ll get right to the end…while Coach Mary Patton was not thrilled she allowed us to practice.  It was much tougher then what we expected and I think we lasted for two nights before retiring.  We claimed a somewhat small victory by making a statement but in truth we accomplished nothing.

Flash forward to what is going on a college campuses across the country including Columbia University, Fordham, UCLA and about 60 others across the country.  This supposed support of Palestine is not to be confused with a lawful and peaceful protest to stand with those suffering in the Middle East but rather is a blatant form of anti-Semitism like we have not seen since the days of Hitler.  Yes there are many protestors who are speaking up for human rights but far too many who have jumped on the protest bandwagon and crossed the line.

We all know about the guarantees of the first Amendment but this has gone way past that including threats, violence, destruction of property and more.  From watching the news you would think this is taking place somewhere else in the world and not in the U.S.  All of this just before commencement ceremonies which are now in jeopardy in some places.

Free speech is indeed the cornerstone of our democracy but what has taken place over the last few weeks is not that…it’s hate.  How has it come to this?

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