Whether it's traffic, finances, or parking lots, it seems everyone is exhausted this time of year. Here are 5 thoughts everyone from Ocean County might have this Christmas Season.

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This is what I'm thinking, do you agree...

1. I need to grab one item from Walmart but I'll be standing in line for 45 minutes.

2. Do I really need to follow these people to their parking spot to get a spot at the Ocean County Mall?

3. Traffic around Rt. 37 and 166 in Toms River and at Brick Plaza will be horrendous, do I really need to go out? Shouldn't Rt. 72 be empty because it's winter?

4. I really want to take my family for a stroll on the boardwalk, but it will be too windy and cold.

5. Will these Girl Scout Cookies I bought in October be a good Christmas present? I bought way too many boxes! Maybe I'll throw a nice bow on them or possibly wrap them up.

Just remember to breathe and try to enjoy every minute.

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