This is pretty cool, especially because we have some really good supermarkets and some not so good.

This is a popular supermarket in NYC. According to, this supermarket produce has "impeccable quality" and has everything you need and the deli selections are among the best.

kwangmoozaa, getty images
kwangmoozaa, getty images

What is the name of one of the best grocery stores in the US right here in New Jersey?

The grocery store is called Maywood’s Marketplace in Maywood, NJ. The owners are WestSide Market, NYC. From the family-owned grocery store:

The bottom line is that we love what we do and we care about our customers. Evidence of our family’s roots and genuine passion is apparent everywhere—from the dedication of John’s children overseeing daily operations, to the specialty food item imported from Greece, to the staff member helping a neighbor locate that hard-to-find gourmet item.

Most of these supermarkets are in NYC with this being their sister store in New Jersey.

According to,

There are many things that make this spectacular, according to,

A grocery store and a place to pick up the next best thing to home-cooked meals.

Just like most of grocery stores, we know you can order online, also. They seem to have everything you find in a "regular" supermarket.

Sushi and prepared meals are very popular at this location. Maywood Marketplace is located at 78 West Pleasant Avenue in Maywood, NJ. The grocery stores in New York City are called WestSide Markets. Several of these markets you will find throughout the city.

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