These two will melt your heart, here's their story.

Popcorn Park Rescue Zoo / Shelter

Kayne and Ryla are two of the sweetest dogs that have been through such an ordeal together.  Now they need a great home where they'll get all the love and attention they deserve, and can stay together forever.  Kayne, a 2 1/2 year old boxer mix, and his mom, Ryla, a 5 year old pit mix, were abandoned in a trailer by their puppy mill owner.  He took Ryla's 2 week old puppies from her and left the pair with no food or water for weeks.  Thankfully they were rescued, and they are so incredibly happy now.  These two love everyone they meet and love each other too.  They're both attention-hogs, they very affectionate, playful, well-behaved, and housebroken.  They need a home with no cats or small pets but they're pretty ok with larger dogs.  They'll bring so much happiness to the good family that welcomes them home.
Call 609-693-1900 or email: for an appointment to meet Kayne and Ryla.

Check out their video:

There is nothing better than adopting a rescue. If you're a dog or a cat person, your heart will feel so good. I have 3 rescue dogs and all they want is love. There's something special about knowing that you saved their life and your family will be filled with so much fun. There will be some work, but after a while your dog or cat that you adopted will trust you and give you so much love.


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