Apparently the Huddy Park coyotes aren't doing their job.

Of course, I don't mean actual coyotes, but it would seem that the recordings of coyote howls, gunshots, and geese in distress hasn't been enough to deter the real geese.

So, the Township of Toms River is turning to our dogs.

According to a recent article on Shorebeat, the Township Council decided that they will issue 30 permits that would allow residents to walk their dogs through Huddy Park on a leash in hopes that the scents left behind by our best buddies will deter the nuisance geese.

I have to be honest, this story came as a bit of a surprise to me.

Not because of the unusual nature of the plan, it may sound odd but apparently it's worked for Lavallete, but because, well, I honestly had no idea that dogs are banned from Huddy Park, and I try to keep up with that kind of stuff.

So, if you've been waiting for the day that you could legally walk your dog through Huddy Park, it'll be here soon!

And not only will you have a new place to walk your pup, but you'll also be helping everybody else who likes to take a stroll through the Toms River green space, but would like to do it without dodging goose poop!



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