This is one of those lessons that I learned the hard way when I first moved to Ocean County - most Jersey Shore boardwalks prohibit dogs during the summer.

Photo by Justin Louis
Photo by Justin Louis

It's also one of those things where enforcement will vary.

When I was unaware of the rule, I was politely informed and asked to turn around with my pup.

On the same hand, though, just last weekend I saw someone getting a ticket for this very thing.

There is good news for dog lovers, though.

A lot of towns do allow you to walk your dog on the boardwalk during the off season; like Asbury Park, Beach Haven, and Point Pleasant Beach.

There are also some beaches specifically set aside for you and your best buddy.

Asbury Park's 8th Avenue dog beach is a popular pooch destination, and Manasquan's Fisherman's Cove has areas set aside for your furry friends to frolic in, too.

It's of course always a good idea to check the rules at your destination before hitting the boards with Spot, but dog lovers throughout the Jersey Shore will find plenty of ways to enjoy the beaches with their best friends all year!




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