Summer is a great time to get out and do some traveling and if you are looking to stay in New Jersey and avoid airports, why not take a road trip right here in the Garden State. The publication, Espresso, has put together the best "road trips" in America and we will focus on their selection of the best here in New Jersey.


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Perfect time of year for a fun road trip in Jersey. Especially when you consider the beauty of our beaches and the stretch of "Jersey Shore" that runs from Sandy Hook in Monmouth County and heads all the way south to Cape May in Cape May County. Sergey Tarasov Sergey Tarasov



According to Espresso, "Life is a highway, especially if you take a road trip on one of the country’s great highways and byways. A road trip is truly one of the best ways to discover America’s natural glories, small towns, and great metropolises en route. Whether you want awesome views of glaciers, mountains, plunging waterfalls, placid lakes or sunbaked deserts, every state has a road trip worth taking. Hook up your trailer, fire up your engine, and let’s get started." Ethan Hoover Ethan Hoover



So for us here in the Garden State the article by Espresso selected a road trip from Atlantic City to Cape May. Right down the beautiful Jersey Shore. "This road trip takes in the full gamut of what Jersey has to offer, ranging from the nightlife and gambling of Atlantic City to the quiet coastal charms of Cape May. Along the way you might want to stop for a Ferris wheel ride at Gillian’s Wonderland Pier or walk to Playland’s Castaway Cove for other kinds of amusement rides. Tranquil Cape May is the oldest of the New Jersey beach towns, with historical buildings, and a large wetland and beachfront nature reserve that are great for beachcombing and bird-watching." William Bout William Bout



So there you go, our best road trip from Espresso, what would you suggest for another cool road trip to take here in Jersey? Post your recommendations below and lets get out there and enjoy summer.


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