We love our pets. For many of us, our pets are family. They are our fur babies and we love them. Whether you are a dog lover or a cat lover, pets are part of our lives and it all begins when they first arrive we need to find that perfect name.


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On a personal note, we are currently without a pet. If you follow my page you know for the past 20 years or so we had two dogs in our lives, Max and Dex. Unfortunately, they are no longer with us and we are taking a bit of a break before we decide to make the decision and get a new dog and make that long-term responsibility of having a pet. When we do decide to get a new dog we will have to think of the perfect name.


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When it comes to dogs, Trusted Housesitters posted an article that talked about the best "dog" names here in New Jersey. Maybe these names are perfect for you if you are getting a new "fury" addition to your family. "Nationally, the most common girl pet name in the country is Luna, and the most common boy pet name is Charlie. However, the 2023 study found that our cultures and where we live play a major role in what we choose to name our pets."


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What is the Most Popular Dog Name In New Jersey?

According to the survey in the Trusted Housesitters article that I found on the Patch, "Molly" is the most popular dog name in the Garden State.


Pet Names
Trusted Housesitters


What is the Most Popular Cat Name In New Jersey?

For us here in New Jersey, our most popular cat name is "Max".


Cat Names
Trusted Housesitters


What do you think are the best "pet names"? Share your picks and post your fav names below in the comments section.



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