I was going to start this by saying, "if you have kids, you know what that is". But I think it's fair at this point to say, "if you have a pulse, you know what that is".

It's the latest fad sweeping pretty much the whole world, it's a "fidget spinner".

It's just a triangular piece of plastic with four ball bearing discs, three on each point and one in the middle.

Fresh out of the box, they spin like two pieces of perfectly smooth glass sliding across each other, which allows the user to spin, flip and rotate at blinding speed.

And you know what? It's terribly satisfying.

When they first came out, some were presenting them as a tool to help kids focus. But let's be honest, a piece of plastic isn't going to suddenly turn someone prone to divided attention into a perfectly studious pupil.

But, I will say that they're great for people who are prone to, well, fidgeting.

I can't begin to tell you how many pen caps, knobs, and assorted things that go click that I've broken over the years from playing with them absentmindedly. So a fidget spinner is perfect for someone like me, who always feels like they need to have something in their hands.

The downside? They're addictive.

Out here at the Community Medical Center Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio, I actually just dropped mine in the sand.

Anyone who has ever worked with ball bearings knows that sand is the mortal enemy of smooth operation.

Yes, I ruined my fidget spinner.

So I guess I'll need to head over to my nearest convenience store to drop a couple bucks on another triangular doodad before I go back to breaking things of more importance.

Are your kids in on the fidget spinner fad? Be honest, are you? Comment below and chime in!


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