It is something we have to deal with all the time in New Jersey, traffic. Especially in Ocean County and Monmouth County - the Jersey Shore.

Please take it easy when you drive on New Jersey roadways.

I've written a lot of articles about the worst intersections but I had no idea there was actual data conducted for a five-year period on the deadliest intersections in New Jersey.

According to, this data was conducted by NJ Advance Media and collected by the New Jersey Department of Transportation. There were 10 intersections in New Jersey that were seen as the worst for fatalities during the 5 year period. The data did not include high ways in New Jersey, just roadways and intersections on city and town roads.

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I started asking you where the worst intersections are in Ocean County and we received so many replies. We have those intersections we have to travel every single day and they're so annoying and we've seen accidents galore at these intersections. These are some of the worst from you from emails and social media:

Jeanie from Toms River: Hooper Ave, (Terrace) By St. Joe's School, and Rt. 37 in Toms River

Irene from Toms River: Rt. 70 and Chambersbridge Road in Brick

Tyler from Toms River: Rt. 166 & Rt. 37 in Toms River

Tina from Bayville: Hickory and Rt. 9 in Bayville

When asking our listeners about the worst roadways, Rt. 9 through Lakewood, is one of the worst they'll tell us about. Rt. 72 in Stafford Township is always busy, night and day.

Two of the 10 deadliest intersections are right here at the Jersey Shore, check them out, according to

The 10 Deadliest Intersections in New Jersey, 2 Being Here at the Jersey Shore

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