Beachstock Is The Largest Free Beach Party In America and It's Right Here in Margate, New Jersey


Well, this "unofficial" start to summer is just a couple of weeks away when we head into the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend on Friday, May 24th, so it's right around the corner and summer will be here at the Jersey Shore. Millions come to the Jersey Shore for a beautiful summer along the awesome Atlantic Ocean. It's no surprise that the largest FREE beach party in America is right here in the Garden State. It's coming this June to Atlantic County, New Jersey.


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It's called "Beachstock" and it's coming to Margate City, New Jersey this June. According to Only In Your State, "Beachstock, a massive beach festival in Margate City, NJ, is actually the largest free beach party in the entire country. That’s right – this massive celebration of sports, games, live music, and countless other activities is completely free, with delicious food and desserts on the grounds for purchase." The event will take place Monday, June 24th beginning at 8 am and running til night.



So mark your calendar and head down to Margate City for Beachstock on June 24th. Margate is Exit 36 on the Garden State Parkway. "Margate City is one of New Jersey's most beautiful beaches, but it's never been as exciting as it is when Beachstock comes to town!"





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