This is crazy, but true. Recently, the government just banned these Christmas decorations from being used in New Jersey.

What did the Federal Government just ban in New Jersey?

So remember when the government was trying to convince all of us to convert their light bulps from incandescent to LED bulbs? They say these bulbs will last longer and save them money. There is a ban now on incandescent bulbs. Just recently, you can't legally buy them at any store in New Jersey or throughout America. Only LED are allowed and now what about Christmas, if you have incandescent Christmas lights, you are violating their ban.

For me, I'm not a fan of LED bulbs and I always feel they're more expensive than the other ones.

CaronB, Getty Images
CaronB, Getty Images

Now that there is a government ban on these bulbs, is the government going to be checking our Christmas decoration, doubt it. But I guess future Christmas decorations will be LED only. I do think, mostly everything is LED in stores.

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I have to be honest, I try to find non-LED lights. I find the bulbs to be weird for my eyes. Some soft light bulbs work ok, but I'm still not a fan.

LED light bulbs are always a bit more expensive, I hope the government helps to make them cheaper. When they say they're cheaper for them, I guess the Federal government, not our pockets.

The cool light bulb is way to bright for my eyes, I'll always choose the warm light.

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