What is the BEST Winter Comfort Food?

Let's tackle this question first. Is the best winter comfort food stew? Maybe it's chili? How about a pot pie? Are you getting hungry yet? I say it's a good old-fashioned bowl of soup! Soup for me is the ultimate winter comfort food and it comes in so many fantastic flavors and varieties that it never gets boring.


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What is the BEST Soup?

Well, I might disappoint you but for me, the best is the traditional bowl of chicken soup. Not only does it cure a common cold (consult your physician for all medical-related questions) it is also delicious. For me, nothing beats the old-fashioned chicken soup. I have loved chicken soup since I was a kid and still do to this day don't forget the saltines, must have some crackers to go in the soup.


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Where to find the BEST soup in New Jersey?

In an article from Cheapism, the best bowl of "winter comfort" can be found in Monmouth County. The Twisted Tree Cafe in Asbury Park was named the home to the best soup. "This funky little community café is "mostly vegan" and "cute and cozy." The rotating menu is praised online for being fresh and flavorful, and the coconut curry soup, which is always on the menu, is a house favorite."


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Coconut Curry Soup sounds intriguing and is definitely on my list to try next time I stop by the Twisted Tree Cafe. Have you stopped by for soup at the Twisted Tree? If so what do you recommend? Is it the Coconut Curry? Post your comments and recommendations below so we can go in and enjoy some "winter comfort" here in the Garden State.


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