UPDATE - The final round of Mascot Madness 2017 has begun! Click here to vote on the championships!

Original article follows:

I feel like I may owe the Barnegat Bengals an apology. On Wednesday, I asked the Toms River South Indians if they were paying attention. Clearly, they were.

The Bengals were way (like way) in the lead at the midweek point, so I put a bit of a challenge out to the Indians. As you can see in the chart above, South obviously didn't like the fact that I questioned their enthusiasm, as they voted in droves and pulled ahead of Barnegat.

As for our second matchup, this is actually the biggest difference that I've seen all week between the Brick Township Green Dragons and Central Regional Golden Eagles. And I mean even just from earlier today! But it's still a squeaker, you're looking at only a 10% difference in that picture.

As we've seen in the last two days alone, nothing is settled as we head into the weekend and the last two days of voting in this round!

I can tell you this much - at the stroke of midnight on Sunday, we'll have our two finalists.

Who will they be? Well, that's up to you, Ocean County! Make your voice heard below:

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