As you've gotten older, don't you appreciate quality time more than stuff?  I do.  So since your father may also fall into that category, I thought I'd devote some blog space to the topic of ways to spend time with Dad on (or around) Father's Day.

What does Dad love to do when he's not working?  If fishing is his hobby, you could go with him.  If he's a sports fan, you might get tickets to a game.  If he plays basketball to de-stress, you could shoot a few hoops with him.

If he likes nature or photography, how about hiking one of New Jersey's many trails together?  (Check out Shawn Michaels' Video Blogs of all of his day trips around the state.)

If Dad is a master griller, he may want to show off his skills by grilling up his favorite type of food.  But be prepared for him to reject this idea.  He may actually prefer a day off; no grilling or chores or working of any kind!

My friend, a father, likes the tradition his family follows Father's Day weekend.  On Saturday his kids do a chore for him like mulching or cleaning the garage.  Then on Sunday they all go to a ballgame together.

One tip that I saw at the Parents Magazine website  was to let Dad know how much you appreciate him.  Write a note or shoot a short video to let him know how you feel.  Showing love and gratitude could be the best gift of all!

What are some favorite ways to celebrate Father's Day in Ocean County?  Please add to the list in the Comments section.

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