If you're going to be cooped up inside the house all day during the storm, here are some suggestions to prevent boredom:

1) Build a snowman.  Better yet, build a snow family, including a snowdog or cat if you have pets at home.

2) Make snow angels.  Even at my age, I enjoy doing this!

3) Have a hot chocolate bar with marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and peppermint sticks.

4) Go through boxes of old photographs and take a trip down memory lane.

5) Hula Hoop outside.  It's difficult and fun to do with bulky winter coats.

6) Blow bubbles and watch them freeze.

7) Eat lunch or dinner picnic-style on a blanket.

8) Catch snowflakes on dark-colored fabric, put the cloth in the freezer for 10 minutes, then look at the flakes with a magnifying glass.

9) Write thank you notes to people.  Encourage the kids to create cards for the grandparents.

10) Have a family talent show or  dance-off.

What are some things YOU like to do on a snowy day?