Now that you're all stocked up on bread, eggs, and are you going to spend your snow day?  It would be a great day to get those taxes done.  And I really should fold and put away some laundry.  But I feel like I'd rather get cozy on the couch and just watch some movies.

In preparation for the storm, I went to the library and took out a couple of films that I've heard great things about but have never seen.  One is the movie about the son of "Rocky" character Apollo "Creed."  The other is "Casablanca."  I'm embarrassed to admit I've never seen that Bogart/Bergman Hollywood classic!  If all goes well and power stays on, that will be this evening's featured film.

What are some movies that you might watch in your home today?  Are there any classics that you've been wanting to see?  Or is there a recent film that's next on your list?

Please share in the Comments section and have a safe, enjoyable snow day!

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