Forget the bread and milk - these are way more fun!

In case we do see snow this weekend, you'll want to make sure your house is filled with food. If you're tired of bread and milk (is everyone making French Toast on snow days?) and want to have fun while you're stuck in the house, try adding these Jersey Shore themed foods to your snow day menu:

Pork Roll (OR) Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese

Start your snowy morning off with this Jersey Classic! Whatever you call it, there's no denying it's delicious.

Wawa Coffee

Can't leave the house to stop by Wawa for some coffee? Bring some bagged coffee or K-Cups home before the snow comes and you won't miss a thing.

Pizza (Dough, Sauce, Cheese)

My Mom and I usually end up making pizza on snow days and it's the best for several reasons. One - it takes up a lot of time and cures the snow day boredom. Two - it's fairly easy. If you want a challenge, you can make the sauce from scratch like my family and I do, or you can have an easier time by buying your sauce. Three - it's warm and delicious!

Do you have any more suggestions for Jersey Shore themed snow day food? Let me know!

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